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Kehadiran cahaya mata sememangnya sangat-sangat dinantikan oleh setiap pasangan suami isteri apatah lagi apabila melihat proses kehamilan dan bersalin, pasti itu akan menjadikan pengalaman yang sangat berharga.


Setiap pasangan pasti mempunyai cerita yang tersendiri dan ia sama juga seperti anak ketiga Dato’ Khalid Mohd Jiwa (suami Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza) iaitu Asyraf Khalid yang baru sahaja menimang cahaya mata pertama yang diberi nama iaitu Arif Jiwa.


Asyraf juga ada memuat naik beberapa keping gambar bagi menceritakan pengalamannya sepanjang isterinya hamil sehinggalah Arif dilahirkan di KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital pada 31 Mac 2017 jam 4.33 petang.


Jom kita baca antara luahan hati Asyraf buat isterinya dan putera sulungnya. Tersentuh!

Part 1 : On the left, the beautiful mother with a lesung pipit, on the right, my handsome son with a lesung pipit also. I realise after my baby was born, all my attention was at the baby, but deep down, i know the true hero was, my beautiful wife, Tya. This past 9 months have been life changing for me. I witness how strong my wife was. It started with muntah non stop, then, endless discomfort at the early stages. This last month or so, i saw how crazy a sacrifice of a mother is. She couldn’t walk properly, she got tired very easily, her body was stretching, her on top of that, she felt like she was not beautiful because she gained some weight, but i never fail to remind her how beautiful she is, every single day. Then, when the doctor told us, that the day has come, i almost fainted. I was freaking out for like 5 minutes & they had to calm me down, but we’re lucky to have a good doctor supporting us & telling us that it’s gonna be just fine. At 12.01am on Friday, we were in the labour room. My wife was just relaxing, eating, doing squats, did some make up etc, eventho the nurse told us that according to the machine, she was having strong contractions. We were in the labour room for around 15 hours before the baby was delivered. When the doctor 1st checked, it was 4cm, and up till 10 in the morning it was still 4cm. Then finally at around 2, the doctor said, it was already 8cm & 2cm to go. From 2 pm onwards, i saw the crazy experince my wife had to go thru. Contractions after contractions. She was so strong! She was still smiling at me, eventho the smile was more to a sarcastic smile. 😂 At 3pm, the doctor came again and said, it’s time. From there onwards, there were no smile from the mother, infact i got scolded a few times for trying to calm her down. Haha. Lesson learnt. She was pushing for a good 1 hour plus. We were so lucky to have mama, ibu, mak iti & mbak fit in the labour room to give support to Tya. That was Tya’s wish and eventho at 1st, i was the one one allowed in, the doctor gave in after i requested for it a few times, Alhamdulillah. To be continued in the next photo.

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Part 2 : At 4.33pm, my 1st Son, Arif Jiwa was born. It was a tough battle, but my wife never gave up. She kept going, and kept going. She was screaming her lungs out, & the baby was upside down, which made it hard for baby to come out, but because of my wife’s bravery & strength, a 4 Kg baby came out of her. What a miracle it was. Many times in the labour room, when Tya was pushing, i wanted to opt for ceasar, but she didnt give up. She wanted normal, & eventho it was soo hard, the baby was deliver normal. Praise to Allah. I know with someone like my wife beside me in my life, i can do anything.She showed me that impossible is nothing when you have the will for it, & the determination. Baby Arif @arifjiwaasyraf i’m so happy that you are finally here with mama & ayah. Arif, when you grow up, i want you to the best that you can be. I know you will be a good son, & make me a proud father. You will never know how much i love you until your child is born. Sayang, @tyaarifinnw i’m so proud of you. Thank you for giving birth to my son. I promise to do whatever it takes to provide a good life for both you & Arif. Thank you so much for risking your life, for our hapiness. Now, because of you, inshallah my name will stay in this world. I love you so much my cinta hati. So here’s a phone of my little family!

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Rasanya masih belum terlambat untuk kami di SURIA mengucapkan tahniah buat Asyraf dan isteri atas kehadiran putera sulung mereka baru-baru ini. Apa-apapun selamat datang ke fasa baru!





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